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Brain‐computer interfaces (BCIs) use brain signals to communicate a user's intent. Because they do not depend on peripheral nerves and muscles, they can be used by people with severe motor disabilities to express their wishes to the outside world just by thinking. Development of BCIs is a complex undertaking that requires appropriate understanding and advances in the fields of neuroscience, computer science, engineering, and psychology.

BCI2000 is a general-purpose software system for brain-computer interface (BCI) research and related areas. BCI2000 has been in development since 2000 and has been adopted by more than 600 laboratories around the world. The present workshop is the 8th event organized by the BCI2000 project, following workshops held in Albany, New York, USA (June 2005); Beijing, P.R. China (July 2007); Rome, Italy (December 2007); Utrecht, The Netherlands (July 2008); Bolton Landing, New York, USA (October 2009); Beijing, P.R. China (December 2009); and Asilomar, California, USA (June 2010).
The BCI2000 workshop consists of discussions that describe relevant technical aspects of the BCI2000 system and of hands‐on practical tutorials that implement the two most common BCI approaches currently used in humans. In these tutorials, participants use BCI systems to control a cursor on a computer screen and to spell words just by thinking. The workshop also includes exercises, in which participants build and configure a BCI with their own signal processing methods, applications, or assistive devices. Seven BCI systems will be available throughout the day, and participants will operate them under supervision of tutors.


The workshop is at the University Medical Hospital, Heidelberglaan 100, 3584CX, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


The program can be found here.

Workshop material

Material (slides, exercises) of the tutorials are to be found here.


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